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Dragon Art 1
Dragon Art 2

Drawing helps me connect and build visual stories. I enjoy creating appealing vector art​ and one of my personal projects is to publish this children's story book. It's based on an old Chinese tale of a dragon that started the myth of the Chinese New Year. My aim was to illustrate a cultural story set with a modern yet traditional feel. I created the illustrations with an idea of incorporating the Chinese puppet art form.

Creature Feature

Visual graphic is one of my strengths and from time to time I am contracted to do interesting projects for third parties. 'Trouble at Taboo Junction' was created for a UK Writer as a Blog cover for her page. She envisioned this concept and wanted an artist to bring it to life.

Another passion of mine is to partner up with special causes in my birth home in the Caribbean. I heard about the conservation drive to save the turtles. This poster was designed for WWF to promote the cause to protect turtles from becoming endangered.

'Trouble at Taboo Junction' illustration
Illustration for SOS poster design

Typeface with henna style

Henna tattoo is a script inspired by my Middle Eastern heritage of hand-drawn decorative symbols. Each letter and symbol was individually drawn. It contains twenty six letters and over fifty symbols; it's easy to download the kit and install directly to your computer.

I was actively involved in all aspects of the creation of the poster including the photography.

Example of my photography & typeface
HennaTattoo Typeface design

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Featured Projects

Featured Projects


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