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My time at Citi Bank as Sr. UX Designer / Assistant Creative Director was very fruitful and rewarding. I was the lead product designer for the Search & Chat function on the Citi App. This feature is presently live and fully functional on the Citi App.

It was an incredible project which impacted millions of customers and I am excited that I was able to lead this design. It was a six month process from wireframes, prototyping and many user testing. In the end I was able to build and launch not only a search field but a chat integration function for Citi customers.

Search & Chat featureon Citi App
Search function behavior on Citi App

With the redesign of the mobile App, the 'Chat' feature was removed from the welcome screen and is now part of the search area. One of the major concerns after testing showed that customers were using the 'Chat' button as a return button when searching. This was solved by removing the 'Chat' feature as the customer starts typing.

As 'Search' progressed we found more ways to add value for customers. Using AI, suggestions were populated as the customer typed giving the top 'Trending Searches', 'Quick Actions' and 'FAQs". This has added great value for Citi customers and has been enhanced with further options that I designed at Citi Bank, but have not yet been implemented..

Citi Mobile search ad

Welcome Citi Mobile Search

Citi bank advertising the redesign with the new 'Search Icon' displayed on the welcome screen with the entry to the 'Search the App feature'.

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