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I am a Senior Visual Designer with over 30 years of experience in design.

Designing with a purpose is my philosophy. I enjoy creating eye catching designs with the emphasis on creating user experiences to guide users through a journey from awareness to action. I excel in user interface design, visual design, photography, photo manipulation, sketching, illustrations, wire-framing, prototyping & motion graphics.

I am a collaborative individual with many years in the financial space where I have worked on building digital products for customers. Team building and team work are important to me; I strive to be a good listener and communicator. My diverse background allows me to be open minded. I know I can offer incredible value to a corporate entity with my many years of experience in design and my eagerness to always achieve the highest level of output. 


I am seeking a full-time, permanent remote or hybrid position where I can showcase my positive attitude and creative energy.


Contact me via email at  or call at 713-737-5611.

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