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Digital Product

Witdrawal screens for moblile journey
Withdrawal Emails

A collection of work showing my creativity in user-centered designing. I have spent close to six years working within the financial industry with designing experience on many platforms.


I have worked on user experiences on very popular websites and mobile applications. Most financial platforms have similar design requirements but as a product designer I am motivated to design user experiences that solve problems for the user. Improving the user's journey and aiding brands to build great digital products.

While working at Save I built many parts of the UX on the website and many more on the Save App. This particular case study allowed customers to withdraw and terminate individual investments.


This journey's intent was to provide important warning screens and details on all fees and cost associated with early termination. 


I was able to solve this user case by creating easy to navigate UI flows. This would then auto generate an email cluster of important content on the customer's process with final details, final fees, closing costs and withdrawal balances. 

Market Trust Product Design

  • Market Trust is a new digital product at Save. I worked on this product from concept to launch

  • Built a new UX journey in the Save App and Save's Website

  • Allowed users to add new investment, building screens with details using a quick action tab concept

Market Trust Product Design image

Higher Returns
Landing Pages

  • Landing page for higher returns and FDIC insured savings

  • Helped  to create a funnel to traffic users from Facebook and Google to the webpage, engaging new investors and targeting them with the intent to turn into potential leads

  • Part of a range of many landing pages that I designed at Save to support the Lead generation campaign. (more examples below)

Higher Returns Landing Pages image

Investors User Journey

  • Save Registered Investor's UX journey was designed to allow partners and Registered Agents the ability to login on behalf of their clients and to manage and trade with ease

  • In this project I created wireframes, built prototypes and prepared redline ready Figma files to hand off to developers for final launch

Registered Investors User Journey image
Examples of more landing pages I designed

Featured Projects

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